In 2017, businesses in Fleet voted to form a new business led and business funded partnership known as a Business Improvement District (BID) to deliver projects over a 5 year period. In 2022  businesses voted for the BID to continue for another five years

BIDs have been established in over 260 places across the UK, with the aim of providing targeted improvements to commercial areas. These improvements are not a replacement for the council’s responsibilities to the town, but additional business enhancements.

The vision for the Fleet Business Improvement District is to create a vibrant town we can all be proud of, where businesses prosper, our communities thrive and visitors choose to shop and do business. Our activities are designed to create an environment that supports businesses to prosper.

The BID is led by volunteer BID Board Directors, representing businesses in the town and supported by representatives from Hart District Council and Fleet Town Council.

Term 2 Business Plan (2022-2027)

The BID area for 2022-27 now concentrates on the central Fleet area, focusing more closely on  businesses whose customers are predominantly consumers rather than other businesses, although our activities still support all sectors.  BID activity focuses on delivering projects in four key areas:

  • Providing a marketing presence for Fleet and the businesses in the town.
  • Delivering events in the town to attract people to Fleet and encourage them to spend money with businesses while they are here.
  • Business Support – access to advice and support, including free first aid training, free online training platform with access to over 200 training courses.
  • Lobbying to make sure that the needs of businesses are taken into account when council decisions are made, including plans for regeneration of Fleet.

Term 1 Business Plan (2017-2022)

This business plan focused on delivering projects in three key areas:

  • Marketing, Promotion and Events
  • Improving the Experience in Fleet
  • Business Support

Establishing a BID and BID Governance

The establishment of a Business Improvement Districts is set out in legislation, with a ballot of all businesses in the defined BID area balloted every five years on the continuation of a BID.

Councils have a statutory role in BIDs, which includes the BID ballot (which is often delivered by a specialist organisation such as Civica Electoral Services). Councils are also responsible for collecting the BID levy, then passing across to the BID.

BIDs are encouraged to comply with best practice standards set out by British BIDs. Fleet BID is a member of British BIDs.

In Fleet, the BID is delivered by the Fleet Business Improvement District Company, an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The Board of Directors are responsible for the delivery of the BID and providing leadership and strategic direction.

BID Ballots

  • BID legislation regulates BID ballots and the framework under which BIDs must operate.
  • Each business ratepayer liable for the BID levy will have one vote for each of their eligible hereditaments (premises) provided they are listed on the National Non-Domestic Rates list as provided by Hart District Council.
  • Fleet BID Ballot results 2017 
  • Fleet BID Ballot results 2022

The BID levy and who contributes

  • The BID levy we is applied to all businesses in the BID area with a rateable value.
  • The investment by each business is proportionate and equitable. The BID levy is 1.5% of the rateable value of your business in March 2022. By sharing the financial burden and spreading the cost across all businesses, the contribution of each individual business is relatively modest. For 83% businesses this is less than £1.50 a day and 50% of businesses pay less than 83p a day.
  • The BID levy rate is fixed for the full term of the BID (five years) and is not subject to inflation or alterations.
  • The projected levy income is £114,000 each year which means a 5-year investment of £570,000 in Fleet over five years.
  •  The BID levy is collected on the basis of daily charging. This means that a new business will be charged from the point of occupation based upon the rateable value at the time they enter the rating list. Any business which ceases occupation will receive a pro rate refund on BID levy paid.
  • Vacant properties, or those undergoing refurbishment or being demolished will be liable to pay the BID levy by the property owner or registered business ratepayer.
  • The BID levy is mandatory for all eligible hereditaments and businesses. There are no exemptions or reductions in BID levy.The BID levy is not be affected by the small business rate relief scheme, service charges paid to landlords, exemption relief, discount periods or any other relief or subsidies.
  • VAT is not be charged on the BID levy.
  • Businesses outside the BID area can opt in to join the BID.
  • At the end of the five-year term, all businesses will be invited to vote again.

BID Communication

Fleet BID keeps businesses in the BID area updated through our website, social media, our regular email updates and printed newsletters.

If you do not receive our regular emails, please email us to receive our email updates.

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