Hart Election Results 2024

Friday 3rd May, 2024

Here are the election results for Fleet and Hart for the Hart District Council local elections which took place on 2nd May 2024.

Here are the results for the 2024 Hart District Council election results


Fleet Central Turnout 36.65%
FANG, Roy The Conservative Party Candidate 854
HOPE, Howling ‘Laud’ The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 91
JONES, Richard Samuel Arthur ELECTED Community Campaign (Hart) 1103
PERKINS, Andrew Labour Party 384

Fleet East Turnout 39.39%
Two councillors elected following the resignation of Councillor Silke Engstrom
KHEPAR, Daisy ELECTED Liberal Democrat 1155
MAY, Ellie Ann The Conservative Party Candidate 893
MUNT, Kev The Green Party Candidate 294
TAYLOR, Dan ELECTED Liberal Democrat 1086
WAINHOUSE, Valmai Labour Party 262
WRIGHT, Jonathan Bruce The Conservative Party Candidate 867

Fleet West Turnout 36.87%
FORSTER, Steve ELECTED The Conservative Party Candidate 1149
ROZIER, Wayne Andrew Community Campaign (Hart) 1101
SETH, Zach Labour Party 255

Crookham East Turnout 35.87%
MELLOR, Mike Labour Party 228
RADLEY, James ELECTED Community Campaign (Hart) 1268
THORNE, Mike The Conservative Party Candidate 596

Crookham West and Ewshot Turnout 29.84%
BULGIN, Bruce Grant The Conservative Party Candidate 773
COLLINS, Tina Angela ELECTED Community Campaign (Hart) 1601

Other Wards in Hart

Blackwater & Hawley Turnout 28.18%
Candidates Description Number of votes
BIDWELL, Carly Labour Party 286
BROWN, Andy ELECTED Liberal Democrat 1082
PERKINS, Sue The Conservative Party Candidate 419

Hartley Wintney Turnout 36.20%
CHRISTIE, Alex Labour Party 261
CRAMPTON, Anne ELECTED The Conservative Party Candidate 1168
FONTANA, Deborah Liberal Democrat 848
ROBERTSON, Roger Homeland Party 355

Hook Turnout 32.94%
AFFLECK-CRUISE, Amanda Jane Labour 405
COBURN, Selena ELECTED The Conservative Party Candidate 1098
HUTTON, Joseph The Green Party Candidate 207
RAZZAQ, Shamraz Liberal Democrat 754

Odiham Turnout 33.38%
HIGHLEY, Stephen Martin ELECTED The Conservative Party Candidate 1267
JONES, Ben Labour Party 192
MOSESSON, Lars Eric The Green Party Candidate 230
OVER, Tony Liberal Democrat 470

Yateley East Turnout 32.23%
BOON, Andrew Webster The Conservative Party Candidate 393
COCKARILL, Graham ELECTED Liberal Democrat 1275
LLOYD-JONES, Trevor Reform UK 218
PARK, Cathy The Green Party Candidate 81
WILTSHIRE, Robbie Labour Party 174

Yateley West Turnout 32.32%
CRISP, Gerry ELECTED Liberal Democrat 1599
MOSS, Deborah Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 528

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